High Voltage Power Supplies

Phoenix has developed a very high current, high voltage DC power supply to power its line of neutron generators. These supplies have been designed to meet the stringent needs of Phoenix’s high voltage, electrostatic particle accelerators. They feature state-of-the-art electronic control and a unique topology designed for low stored energy and ultra-fast shutdown.

Specifications for an example system are shown below.  This HVPS has variable voltage and current output up to 300 kV and 200 mA. Key features include:

  • Touchscreen interface on control cabinet
  • Computer control and telemetry available via ethernet or fiber optic link
  • Fiber optic communication between high voltage output and control cabinet
  • Ultra-fast shutdown in less than 50 microseconds
  • Robust, solid state design

All Phoenix power supplies feature a custom PLC and a PowerFlex drive custom-designed by Rockwell Automation.

These supplies were built for longevity and have demonstrated over 10,000 hours of proven operation in the field. They can be configured for a number of different applications and custom solutions are available.