Transforming Nuclear Technology

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Phoenix Is Now an Illuminated Company

Phoenix is now a sister company to SHINE Technologies under the banner of Illuminated Holdings. Together we will be working together to transform nuclear technology for the betterment of all humanity and forge a path to affordable, climate-friendly fusion energy. For more information, read our news release by following the link below.

Phoenix SHINEs On!

Phoenix manufactures the strongest
compact Neutron Generators in the World

Our Vision

At Phoenix, we are committed to fortifying an improved future by using nuclear science. It is our mission to transform nuclear technology to better our world.


Innovative Solutions

Our fusion neutron generators have been used to solve unique problems in variety of industries since 2005. Find out how our cutting-edge technologies increase efficiency, safety and reliability.


Accelerator Based Technology

Our neutron generator technology uses a high-current particle accelerator that drives an ion beam into a gaseous or solid target. Small enough to fit on-site, powerful enough to get the job done.



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