Neutron Imaging Beta Program

We’re extending an opportunity to you to be a part of a neutron imaging beta program. Phoenix is reserving space and resources to dedicate towards new neutron imaging applications and first-time users.  However, that space is limited, so we’ve created an application-based program to select the most promising applications for imaging in 2020.

PNIC is a turning point in the world of nondestructive testing. For the first time, an electrically driven, fusion-based neutron generator can create neutron images with a degree of quality and a turnaround time on par with reactor facilities, with none of the logistical and safety concerns surrounding fission reactors. For the first time, both 2D and 3D neutron imaging and X-ray imaging can be done in the same facility.

We will be accepting beta program signups until January 30, 2020 and selected applicants will be notified on February 30, 2020.

PNIC exterior

Sign up using the application form below: