Since the beginning we have owed much to the nurturing environment of southern Wisconsin for our ongoing success. We owe a debt to the greater Madison area, in particular the cities of Madison, Monona, and Fitchburg, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison for the home they have provided us and the bright minds they have brought to us. We have a responsibility to our communities to continue enriching them as they enrich us.

In alignment with our mission to explore the near-term applications of nuclear fusion and help advance fusion technology toward solving humanity’s greatest problems, we favor engagement opportunities that promote nuclear and STEM education, prioritize diverse voices throughout STEM fields, and increase awareness of the role nuclear technology plays in space travel, medicine, combating climate change, and more.

Diversity and Inclusion in Technology – Creating a Better Tomorrow

We depend on diverse voices in STEM fields to drive innovation and solve the issues currently facing the nuclear industry. When we help to raise up historically underrepresented demographics in STEM education and careers, everybody benefits.

Our mission is to transform nuclear technology for the betterment of humanity. Supporting a culture of inclusively and diversity is crucial to our ability to continuously innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible. As of today, people of color make up 33% of science and engineering careers in the US; women make up 28%. Only 10% of all K-12 schools nationwide teach computer science classes. Phoenix is proud to support Wisconsin organizations such as Maydm, which offers middle school and high school learning and mentorship programs that help students from underrepresented backgrounds master programming languages and STEM software tools, dip their toes into STEM careers, and forge connections with industry professionals.

Supported Organizations

Employment and Internship Opportunities

Being a part of SHINE means being a part of something bigger than yourself—and a valued member of a closely knit organization, working alongside people who are the best in the world at what they do. SHINE is always on the lookout for new talent and opportunities to nurture young people looking to begin their careers in nuclear engineering.

Follow the links below to learn more about our open positions and internship opportunities:

Community Outreach

Learn more about local programs and events sponsored by us, upcoming networking and professional developing events, and volunteer work being done by our team.

Phoenix Volunteer Work and Programs

Phoenix offers paid time off to all of our employees for volunteer work in the local community. Volunteer Time Off is provided to allow employees the ability to spend time away from work making an impact in their communities and to support charitable causes that are important to them.

Phoenix employees volunteering at Second Harvest (pre-COVID)
Note: the above image is from a volunteer event in 2018

Our employees use their VTO for community outreach activities such as volunteering at food banks and food pantries, local Wisconsin nonprofit groups, and public services such as election poll workers.

See below for testimonies from Phoenix employees who used their VTO to serve their local communities:

I volunteered with Urban League of Greater Madison by driving voters to the polls. There were large number of voters who rely on pubic transportation and could not access their polling locations this year. Voting is one of the most important civic duties for a citizen. Most of the time minority and poor people do not have the means to access their voting locations. The result of the election will have an impact on their lives and those of their families. It is important for everyone to make their voice heard no matter what your political view.

Yacouba Traore

I supervised a large precinct for the general election on Nov 3rd with over 30 election workers for the Montgomery County (MD) Board of Elections. This is a very important volunteer role during the pandemic as many legacy election workers did not volunteer this year due to the risk of Covid exposure. Resulted in having to train many first-time election workers and a new generation of younger election workers.

Steve Burger

I volunteer on the planning committee as well as, as a mentor for an event called Smart Girls Rock! It is a yearly STEM outreach event that introduces high school female students to professional women in STEM for a day of hands-on/interactive mentoring. This year’s event was virtual and spread out over 3 half-days to better fit into student’s new schedules. Moving forward, there is discussion of keeping a virtual aspect of it and making it hybrid so we can continue to expand the program. This is important because many young girls grow up not having a female role model in STEM fields or being introduced to the variety and benefits of those careers.

Tiffany Carter

I was a poll worker during my volunteer time. As a poll worker, I processed absentee ballots, helped new voters register to vote, checked off voters as they came in to vote, handed voters their ballots, separated and counted write-in ballots, signed verification papers, and helped break down the voting site and clean everything up afterward. Because of the Covid-19 epidemic, a lot of older poll workers were not able to volunteer this year. My volunteering allowed the city to keep voting sites open, providing voting access to more people and reducing the amount of time they had to spend standing in line.

Ziva Wear

I volunteered as a poll worker on Nov 3 for the city of Madison. I worked the afternoon shift from 12 to 8:30. I helped process absentee ballots as well as the final counts of the day. With COVID in our community, I felt it was important to do my part and take the load from the other, older volunteers in our community.

Brandon Jordon Thaden

I used my VTO to work with the Goodman Community Center's Thanksgiving basket drive, which provides Thanksgiving dinners to families in need. As a volunteer, I helped guide families to receive their free thanksgiving basket, packed food, and directed incoming cars/individuals. Through donations, 4,000 thanksgiving baskets (including turkey, potatoes, stuffing, etc.) were given out to Dane County families in need, feeding thousands of people in our community and giving them the opportunity to enjoy their holiday without the extra expense.

Jake Reuter

Nuclear Advocacy and Outreach

In the aerospace, defense, energy, and healthcare sectors, nuclear technology plays a critical role in improving our lives. SHINE is committed to raising awareness of the positive impact advancing nuclear technology has on our lives, from producing net zero-carbon energy to detecting potentially dangerous flaws in manufactured parts to producing the medical radioisotopes used to diagnose patients and deliver lifesaving medical treatment.

Facility Tours

At Phoenix, we offer tours of our state-of-the-art neutron imaging facility. Join us to learn more about how neutron radiography works and how our nuclear technology provides this essential service for nondestructive testing professionals in the aerospace and energy sectors.

PNIC tour at the PNIC grand opening in 2019

Due to COVID-19, in-person tours are heavily restricted to small, socially distanced groups by appointment. Please contact us to discuss planning a tour. We also have a video tour and technology overview which you can watch by playing the embedded video below:

Contact Us

To learn more about internship, employment, and mentorship opportunities, to inquire about facility tours and event sponsorship, and to advertise other community outreach opportunities, please contact us using the form below: