Welcome to Heliopolis!

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Phoenix’s “nuclear family” has a new home!

Introducing Heliopolis, a new headquarters and production facility for the development and design of our neutron generator capital equipment! Heliopolis is a 50,000 square foot facility providing plenty of the production, R&D, and office space we need to continue our work in transforming nuclear technology.

Heliopolis exterior

Heliopolis has a sleek, stylish facade that just shouts, “we’re doing really cool stuff in here”

Unlike our rented spaces in Monona, Heliopolis has been designed from the ground up to meet our current and future needs. It’s no coincidence that over the past year Heliopolis has been going up concurrently with the progress on our sister company SHINE Medical Technologies’ new production facility in Janesville; we’ve got plenty of neutron generators to build for that facility and the multiple bunkers on Heliopolis’ production floor will be instrumental in getting those generators built and out the door quickly and efficiently.

SHINE facility concrete pour

One of the concrete pours at the in-progress SHINE facility in Janesville

Of course, COVID-19 puts quite a wrinkle into Heliopolis’ grand opening. Like many businesses, we’ve had as many people as possible working from home since late March. We continue to have only fifty percent of our workforce at most in the office and stagger our engineers’ shifts to mitigate exposure as we continue to carry out our essential work. While we can’t in good conscience hold a grand opening ceremony with catered food and a well-stocked bar like we definitely want to (at least not yet), we’re more than happy to provide a virtual “tour” of the facility that you can explore at your leisure.

Phoenix is dedicated to keeping our employees safe. Since the start of the pandemic, we have taken all steps to minimize risk by asking anyone not required for hands-on work to work at home. This will continue, but for our onsite employees, we're happy to have a new and spacious headquarters which, combined with our prior social distancing protocols such as mask mandates, staggered shifts, room capacity limits, and socially distanced seating charts, will make it even easier to spread out and limit the number of people onsite at the same time while carrying on our essential work.

Jessica GiffeyVice President of Operations, Phoenix LLC

Front Lobby

Break Room

Office Cubicles

Production Floor

Many of us, especially those of us who are mostly desk-bound. are not going to be calling Heliopolis home for a while while we give space to the engineers who cannot take their work home with them. But we’re all still excited for the new headquarters as the construction finally finishes, for just a few reasons such as:

Location, Location, Location

We picked out a prime location for Heliopolis right next door to PNIC in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. We’re extremely excited about being a part of the Fitchburg community, and since so many of us are avid bicyclists, many of us are also enthusiastic about the scenic and convenient bike trails around Heliopolis that will make it more fun than ever before for our avid bike-to-work enthusiasts to do just that.

Capital City State Trail

From the moment we began planning construction of the Phoenix Neutron Imaging Center and Heliopolis, the city of Fitchburg has been nothing but helpful to us and have provided every possible service to make us feel at home in their community. Likewise, we here at Phoenix have always treasured being good corporate citizens and enriching our community, and we're excited to repay Fitchburg's kindness as we enter this new phase of our company.

Evan SengbuschPresident, Phoenix LLC

Plenty of Room

Phoenix is a growing business, and when we were designing Heliopolis, we designed it with that growth in mind. Heliopolis is just as huge as we need it to be to accommodate and support our nuclear family as we bring on more talented and passionate individuals, giving us a beautiful, functional space to thrive.

On that note, we’re also excited about Heliopolis’ more-than-ample parking space and bike racks, which coming from our old buildings at Industrial and Raywood is like moving from a fishbowl to a bathtub, and the sheer number of restroom facilities. No more lines!

Heliopolis production floor

Over the course of this pandemic, Phoenix has worked hard to preserve our close-knit community through virtual social events such as after-hours “happy hour” conference calls and virtual holiday parties. Though it’s hard to predict the future, we’re all looking forward to the time when we can all be together, just as we were in the before-times, in our new home at Heliopolis.