With the global outbreak and continuing spread of COVID-19, we are all living in trying and uncertain times. At Phoenix, our first priority for weathering this crisis as we continue our essential work is keeping our employees and our community safe.

To that end, all possible precautions and safety measures have been taken to ensure a work environment that will not contribute to the spread of COVID-19. We are making certain that we are taking all possible steps to flatten the curve and keep our team and their families safe as well as the greater Madison community.

We are an essential business dedicated to supporting our nation’s critical defense infrastructure through the use of nondestructive testing methods, particularly neutron imaging, and other industrial uses of neutron radiation. Neutron imaging is a critical nondestructive testing tool for defense-related components, and we are working to keep this tool and others available to the manufacturers who rely on them to keep their supply chains open.

From now until this crisis has passed, Phoenix will prioritize any need for neutrons for research related to COVID-19. We ask that any people with need for our neutron output for such purposes please reach out to us to request beam time on our system: