The Phoenix Culture in five words


GritTY: Unshakeable spirit

Phoenix does not give up, even when things get tough.  We work harder – putting in hours on the weekend and after the kids go to bed until the job is done at the quality we expect from ourselves.


Open:  transparency and sharing of knowledge

You won’t find our management team behind closed doors. At Phoenix, we take the initiative to share and spread knowledge. This philosophy is applied externally in the diffusion of knowledge throughout the world, and internally in the sharing of knowledge between each and every employee.


Inclusive: equality of people and ideas

We seek out the very best ideas to solve a problem, regardless of who formulated them. Every day, employees from every department and every experience level contribute to Phoenix’s success.


Respectful: showing high regard or courtesy

At Phoenix, there is mutual respect between everyone on our team. We can disagree strongly, and in the same breath get lunch as friends! Phoenix is a family - we don’t work for Phoenix, we ARE Phoenix.

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Responsive: reacting quickly and positively

At Phoenix, problems are solved creatively and quickly.  Responsiveness and flexibility are such an important part of our culture that we search for the quality in every new team member.