How can we help you get the most out of industrial radiography?

Join our president Evan Sengbusch on Wednesday, July 17 for a free presentation and Q&A about neutron imaging, a powerful but little-used NDT technique. Whether you’ve never heard of neutron imaging but want to learn how you can use it for better materials analysis, quality assurance, and failure analysis, or if you’re aware of neutron imaging but always considered it as a tool for companies above your weight class, this is the webinar for you.

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Your Webinar Host: Dr. Evan Sengbusch, Phoenix President

Evan holds a BS in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Iowa, as well as an MS and PhD in Medical Physics, and an MBA in Technology Management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Evan has extensive experience with computational modeling, ion beam transport simulations, and particle accelerator design. He has also worked in the venture capital industry evaluating technologies in the physical and life sciences and has served as a consultant for several technology development firms. Since joining Phoenix in 2012, Evan has increased the variety and size of Phoenix’s revenue sources and has drastically expanded Phoenix’s market reach.