With measured neutron yields greater than 3×10 11 DD n/s, Alectryon is the highest yielding deuterium-deuterium (DD) compact neutron generator in the world.

The neutron generator utilizes a gaseous deuterium target to maximize neutron yield and system lifetime, which is measured in years rather than hours.

For customers that need even higher neutron yield, the system can be reconfigured to operate with tritium if the appropriate licenses and shielding are in place. With tritium fuel, this generator will yield 1×10 13 to 5×10 13 DT n/s.

Alectryon is useful for a number of different applications including neutron radiography, cargo screening, explosives detection, special nuclear material detection, radiation survivability testing and medical isotope production. More information is available on our Industries page.

Key Application: Neutron Radiography

Neutron radiography and tomography are proven techniques for the nondestructive testing of manufactured components in the aerospace, energy, and defense sectors.

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This neutron generator has demonstrated stable operation in the field for thousands of hours with no degradation of any critical system components. The Phoenix Alectryon is offered as a complete package, inclusive of an integrated control system, all power supplies, radiation shielding, moderator (if required), etc.