How Much Do You Know About  N-Ray?

Neutron imaging is a nondestructive testing method you might have heard of before, but probably haven’t had a chance to use. Despite being a powerful method for inspecting components in many industries, only a small community of NDT professionals are truly aware of neutron radiography, or N-ray.

Are you a part of this small community? Take our quiz to find out:

1. Neutron imaging is more useful than X-ray imaging for…

2. Neutrons, unlike X-rays, are better for penetrating…

3. Neutron radiation interacts most strongly with…

4. True or false: Neutron imaging can only be done with a nuclear reactor.

5. True or false: Neutron imaging can be used in field work.

6. Neutron radiation is produced by:

7. True or false: In neutron imaging, the collimator focuses the neutron beam using electromagnets.

8. Neutron imaging has not often been used as a nondestructive testing tool because…

9. Objects exposed to neutron radiation remain “hot” for how long?

10. What is the ASTM standard for neutron imaging?

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