Neutron imaging is a nondestructive testing method you might have heard of before, but probably haven’t had a chance to use. Despite being a powerful method for inspecting components in many industries, only a small community of NDT professionals are truly aware of neutron radiography, or N-ray.

Are you a part of this small community? Take our quiz to find out:

1. Neutron imaging is more useful than X-ray imaging for…

2. Neutrons, unlike X-rays, are better for penetrating…

3. Neutron radiation interacts most strongly with…

4. True or false: Neutron imaging can only be done with a nuclear reactor.

5. True or false: Neutron imaging can be used in field work.

6. Neutron radiation is produced by:

7. True or false: In neutron imaging, the collimator focuses the neutron beam using electromagnets.

8. Neutron imaging has not often been used as a nondestructive testing tool because…

9. Objects exposed to neutron radiation remain “hot” for how long?

10. What is the ASTM standard for neutron imaging?

All done? Submit your answers to see which questions you got right and learn more about the ones you got wrong:

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