Phoenix is thrilled to announce that we have delivered the first production accelerator to our long time customer, Shine Medical Technologies!

The system was delivered to Building One, the first building on the SHINE medical isotope production campus in Janesville, WI.

This state-of-the-art accelerator system was designed and built specifically for the SHINE medical isotope project, which will produce radioisotopes used in medical imaging. The system delivery is a huge milestone and brings Shine one step closer to their goal of being the world leader in the safe, clean, affordable production of medical isotopes.

After installation and commissioning, it will allow SHINE to gain operating experience, train employees, and develop maintenance procedures prior to construction of its commercial production facility. Construction of the SHINE medical isotope production facility is slated to begin in the spring of 2019. Once built, the production facility will contain eight independent isotope production units, each with its own Phoenix neutron generator. Phoenix is proud to play an integral role as a key supplier for Shine and we greatly look forward to their success and the next delivery of systems!

On Oct. 15th 2018 Phoenix delivered to SHINE the First Production Unit.