phoenix Neutron Imaging Center

Opening in 2019, our state of the art neutron imaging center will be the first facility of its kind to offer commercial neutron imaging services by utilizing Phoenix high-intensity neutron technology.



What Is Neutron Radiography?

Neutron imaging is a non-destructive testing method that provides detailed information on the internal structure of objects, including those with high density exteriors, and reveals features that other methods (such as X-ray) cannot. Phoenix’s system will reliably produce the image quality and throughput required to meet the most stringent industrial requirements.

How Is Neutron Imaging Different from X-Ray Imaging?

Neutrons and X-rays interact differently with different materials, making them both powerful complementary tools for nondestructive materials testing. Learn more about what sets neutrons apart:


Neutron Radiography effectively visualizes:

  • Internal flaws in cast parts

  • Loading uniformity in munitions

  • Defects in low density and energetic materials

  • Internal structure in additively manufactured components

  • Many more...


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Neutron Services and Capabilities

Located in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, the 10,000 square foot neutron imaging and testing center will provide neutron activation analysis, radiation effects testing and X-ray imaging in addition to neutron imaging.

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