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Phoenix and SHINE Achieve New World Record

By October 7, 2019April 8th, 2022No Comments

Through our partnership with fellow Wisconsin nuclear technology company SHINE Medical Technologies, Phoenix’s neutron generators have set a new world record for strongest sustained nuclear fusion reaction, beating a previous record set in the 1980s by the Rotating Target Neutron Source II facility in Livermore, California.

“This achievement of producing the strongest sustained nuclear fusion reaction ever created by humans cements Phoenix’s status as the world leader in fusion neutron generation technology,” says Phoenix CEO Ross Radel. “The positive impacts that this now fully-proven technology will have to our customers like SHINE in health care and others working to develop 100-percent clean and abundant fusion energy are tremendous. I could not be prouder of our extremely dedicated team that has worked for over a decade to achieve this result.”

Read the full Phoenix-SHINE press release here.

A Phoenix neutron generator being installed into a bunker at SHINE for testing purposes

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