Research and Beamtime Application

Do you have a research application for neutron radiation? We want to put our neutrons to work for you!

Contact us through our research application form to request beamtime for neutron imaging on our neutron generators for Quarter 3 (September through December).

  • Call for proposals: July 31, 2020
  • Deadline: August 21, 2020
  • Proposal review by: August 31, 2020
  • Experiment will schedule from September 7, 2020 and end by December 31, 2020

Phoenix, a division of SHINE Medical Technologies, builds the world’s strongest accelerator-driven fusion neutron generators, useful for applications ranging from industrial neutron radiography and radiation hardening to neutron activation analysis and medical isotope production. Our imaging center in Fitchburg, Wisconsin is the first commercial, non-reactor neutron radiography facility capable of producing neutron images of the highest measurable quality, and our systems have been applied to nuclear fuel assay, ion implantation, and standoff explosives detection, among other applications.

Our neutron imaging systems and other capacities will be available through September to December for research purposes, including radiation effects testing and neutron activation. Submit your application now to reserve time for your research!

A Phoenix neutron generator being installed into a bunker at SHINE for testing purposes

To submit a request for beamtime on our neutron generators for neutron imaging or other research applications of neutrons, fill out the following contact form to submit a proposal. We will follow up with you to discuss in more detail your needs and the scope of your research. After your application has been reviewed, a project manager will reach out to you to discuss a test plan and pricing for your research.